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Business writing that connects you with your ideal customers

You’re running your business with purpose and passion, but how do you communicate what you do in the simplest way to the people you really want to work with? How do you infuse your marketing with personality so that it connects with the right people? And how do you develop trust with your ideal clients, a trust that will mean they become your advocates and pick up the phone to call you when the time is right for them?



Website Copywriting

The words you use in your business are precious. They’re your heart and soul and what separates you from your competitors. Yet often they can be dry, even boring, lacking character. Don’t use the same words that everyone else does. Hire me to write website content and copy for your digital and physical marketing material.

Content Marketing

Everybody’s doing it but few get it right*. Those that do become leaders in their fields and have the right clients coming to them. Let me help you plan, devise a strategy and write fresh, regular content that will help you get found more easily online, generate leads and pull in the customers you want.   


Brand Development

Your voice is unique. Finding it will help you establish an audience that trusts what you say and that will be ready to buy from you when the time is right for them. I’ll help you achieve your goals for growth by revealing the real you and capturing the spirit of your business so it can be used in all your internal and external communication.

Telling your story with personality has never been more important. It creates a connection with the kind of clients you actually want to work with.

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You understand your business really well. So why don’t your customers?

When you meet people in person you have no trouble describing what you do and the value your product or service brings. But your online presence lacks impact leaving your customers confused. Putting personality into your marketing helps you create trust and draw customers to you.

How to write a home page that captures your customers attention

Great design is only part of it. If you really want to keep customers on your website learn what they want and why they think you’re great. Then write directly to them as you would to a friend.

Drive traffic to your website with client focussed, benefit-based business writing. Create connections, subscribers and loyal customers.


✅ Get customer focussed web and online copywriting that brings you more of the type of customers you really want

✅ Create a content marketing strategy that helps you rank better online and draws the right type of clients to you

✅ Boost response rates, increase the results you get from your marketing and grow your business


❎ Boring, yawn-inducing copy which is all “I, me, we” instead of “you, you, you”. (All about you rather than your customer.)

❎ Wonder why your expensive new website and marketing campaign aren’t bringing you any leads

❎ Look on with envy as your competitors get the work you want

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