I’m Ben.

I’m a freelance copywriter. I work with owners of growing businesses who love what they do and who want to market themselves and their companies with personality.

my customers are busy running their businesses

Their company has grown up around them, and it’s all consuming. They’d like their marketing to reflect them and their approach, and to win them more of the right customers – but that’s easier said than done. Often their current website and content is boring and confusing. It makes them sound like everyone else and tells people the same things over and over again.

How I can Help You

As your copywriter, I’ll find the right words to represent your business; words that develop trust with the kind of customers you really want. Through understanding your story so far, defining your goals and establishing a customer-focused online presence you can be proud of, I’ll help you show your clients why you’re such a brilliant business.

It’s so hard to write about yourself. In the thick of your daily business battles, it’s easy to focus on what you sell instead of how you help your customers. It’s easy to forget that you, the people and personalities behind the name on the door, and your purpose, why you do what you do, are what makes it so special.

Here’s what I believe. My Manifesto.

Your voice is authentic and unique. Find it

I believe your story matters. It’s different to anyone else’s. And it’s your business’s secret weapon.

Don’t hide the real you

So many people shy away from sharing who they really are on their business websites. Either because they lack confidence, or they think other people won’t be interested, or because writing about yourself is difficult!

There’s a way of telling your story that feels right and will win you more work

Businesses and the people at the heart of them have so much personality. Look closely and you’ll find more to work with when telling your story than you might at first think. Find what makes you unique and express it in the simplest, most direct and memorable way. Let’s market ourselves with the same energy and positivity that we put into actually running our businesses.

Invest in your customers

Clearly understanding who loves what you do helps you to be completely customer focussed. Create a greater impact on your website this way, with your unique perspective at its core, and you won’t have to sell to your ideal clients. They’ll come to you when the time is right (for them).

Build confidence. (Your own. In yourself)

David didn’t stand in front of Goliath and worry about how big the giant’s sword was. He knew who he was, what he was good at and what made him different to his enormous foe. He used those things to his advantage. He was also brave enough to step out of the crowd in the first place and take the fight to the Philistine.

Imagine being that confident in what you do and how it helps people.

Connect with customers. Let them know how you can help

I believe if you communicate clearly your business will grow. Stand out with a clear purpose. Waste less time chasing the wrong type of leads and spend more time doing the job that makes you great. Better work. Valuable customers. Meaningful relationships. Getting the type of work you love will give you the business (and life) you want.


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