About you.

You started your business because you wanted to make a difference. Not because you saw what the guys down the road are doing and thought you could do it too.

Words are wonderful. So why use the same ones to describe yourself as everyone else?

You love doing what you do and the way it helps people. And that’s what your website, blogs, brochures, emails, sales letters, and adverts should say. Because that’s where the stories are. That’s where the truth is. It’s where you are, your personality. Your USP. Your ‘why’.

The trouble is, it’s hard to get those words right. You’re not a copywriter, and you don’t know how to capture the spirit of your business in powerful web copy that connects.

How I can Help You

If you could translate the way your business helps into good web copy, you know more of the right customers would be drawn to you. Your personality, character, your attitude. It’s all there; you’re just not communicating it in words that connect. Capture it and you’ll find your success (whatever that means to you because it’s different for everyone).

It’s not easy. It takes time. Thought. Research.

It isn’t free, either. But it’s the best value marketing you’ll ever do.

You’ll develop trust. Trust with those you want to help. They, in turn, will want to help you. And from that, your business will grow.

Raise the standard of the way you talk to your customers and bring it up to the same level as everything else you do.

I’ll help you get there. 

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